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“drive to the opening"

fractional leadership, sales management, and advisory support to companies engaged in manufacturing and distribution of heavy duty trucks, industrial equipment and related components.

fractional engagement

Fractional Leadership is taking the services of an experienced professional and breaking them into smaller chunks of time.


The difference between Fractional Leadership and Consulting is that a fractional professional becomes an extension of your leadership team.  Experienced sales leadership now becomes affordable for companies of any size, by tapping the brainpower and network of this seasoned individual.

FRACTIONAL 1 will work on your behalf, guiding you towards our mutually agreed upon expectations.

mark hampshire-founder
MAH Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

FRACTIONAL 1 founder brings 40+ years of senior management and executive leadership experience in the heavy duty truck, industrial equipment and related component arenas to every client. 

As one former associate quoted "Mark is a hands-on strategic and tactical manager with a history of team building and results driven successes. His passion as a personable leader is contagious to all those who work around him." 

our solutions

FRACTIONAL 1 executive experience and select industry knowledge enables us to provide solutions for our clients that include:

Fractional Engagement

  • Sales Leadership

  • Sales Process Development

  • Key Industry Introductions

  • Product Development and Launch


  • Industry Relations

  • Board Membership

  • Industry Knowledge Bank

  • Recruiting Assistance

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